Just Do IT

This is the inaugural blog post for House of Cardoon! I'm Nora Lee Cavallaro - a creative in executive's clothing aka a former mass retail merchandiser with a lifelong obsession with home decor. I'm getting ready to launch my interior design / art / home decor business...It's a little TBD at the moment. BUT I've been listening to "my entrepreneurial friends" i.e. all the best podcasts for entrepreneurs (How I Built This, Second Life, Gamechangers, Goop, etc. etc.) and everyone says to just do IT. Go ahead and get started. If your first website and blog post doesn't embarrass you at some point, then you waited too long to start. So....in the spirit of taking advice from people whose shoes I hope to walk a mile in...here goes nothing!  

Much like many of my favorite podcasts, I'll "start from the beginning" by introducing myself with a few of key moments throughout my childhood & adolescence that will perhaps give you a little insight into moi (don't speak any French but really wish I did):

Age 5 - Took my first painting class at the home of art teacher Mrs. Bisceglia (?) in Weston, Connecticut. My first painting was of her backyard pond - the fish in the pond and insects in the sky were roughly the same size. It would be years before I learned perspective & scale. 

Age 10 - My family relocated from CT to Bethesda, Maryland where my parents built a new house. My mom solicited my input for my new room decor and I answered with 2 sketches 1) all black and white cow print - chair / bedding / walls? and 2) Rainbow room - everything a different color. Mom vetoed both in favor of some classic Ralph Lauren furniture + bedding, wah wah. I still want to try the rainbow room some day. 

Age 15, Summer 2000 - First trip to Paris. If you look up "a pig in shit" in the urban dictionary...it should be me, age 15, eating a crepe on Montparnasse Blvd. A very fortunate and hugely influential summer where I studied "Paris and the Avant Garde" as well as European History. While in the crypt at Notre Dame, I famously asked my EH teacher, "Where are all the dead people... ya know, like, Tales from the Crypt?" Cool cool cool.