Buon Ricordo Plate - Al Gallo


Restaurant: Al Gallo, The Sun Bathing Fish

In 1964, a handful of Italian restaurant owners established the “Buon Ricordo” association. A restaurant could become affiliated only if it offered good quality and good value regional cuisine. Every Buon Ricordo affiliated restaurant had a commemorative dish custom designed to portray their most famous recipe. All dishes were hand painted in Vietri in southern Italy. Patrons of these restaurants could order their Buon Ricordo menu and receive the commemorative dish as a present. Year after year more restaurants joined the association and collecting these dishes literally became a mania for many Italians, mostly between the late 60’s and late 80’s.

Buon Ricordo plates are individually hand-decorated by the craftsmen of the Ceramica Artistica Solimene company in Vietri sul Mare, a family-run business on the Amalfi coast whose members have been potters for untold generations. Their cheerfully colourful naive style captures the essence of each restaurant’s local speciality and the decoration is embellished with references to the restaurant, its local territory and products. The rim of each plate bears the name of the restaurant and the town or village it is in. 

Each piece is completely unique and has subtle variances. 

Dimensions: 9" diameter

Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe