Framed 1968 Edmond Ceria Exhibition Poster, Galerie Andre Pacitti


Original poster for Edmond Ceria's 1968 retrospective exhibition at Galerie Andre Pacitti from March 6-April 5 depicting the Seine.

Frame: Custom framed in light blue leather.

Inscription: "CERIA; Galerie André Pacitti; 174 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris; 6 Mars - 5 Avril 1968"

Sourced in Paris, France.

Overall Dimensions: 20" x 27"

About the Artist: Edmond Ceria (1884 - 1955) French Edmond Ceria was a French painter and illustrator. His work is predominantly impressionistic, greatly influenced by Paul Cézanne, and often emphasizes the importance and effects of lighting. Though Ceria is best known for his dynamic landscapes he also excelled in still lifes and nudes, demonstrating a well-rounded talent and diverse portfolio of masterful pieces.