Forced Paperwhite Bulb & Vase Kit with Liberty Ribbon


Forced Bulb Vase Kit for growing your own paperwhite bulb inclues:

- x2 Paperwhite Bulbs

- Moss

- Vase

- Bag of Rocks (Choice of White or Black)

- Liberity London fabric strip ribbon tied on the vase & rocks bag - makes a great gift!

We've selected one our favorite paperwhite cultivars, the Narcissus 'Ziva,' for its pure white flowers and quick bloom time.

Forcing paperwhite bulbs is a timeless way to bring some greenery into your home during the winter months. Our kit makes this easy, providing a simple glass vase that cradles a single paperwhite bulb, and all you need to get it started towards a bloom. 


1. Fill the bowl of the vase with rocks to just below the "neck"

2. Place the bulb in the neck so it rests on top of the rocks

3. Add water up to the bottom of the bulb but be sure not to submerge in water.

4. Add moss around the bulb above the neck of the glass to add some color and help to keep it in place.

5. Watch and marvel as the roots grow and bring about a gorgeous looking (and smelling) paperwhite flower. Within a few days, roots and foliage will begin to grow. After a few weeks, the plants will produce strongly fragrant clusters of white flowers.

TIPS/NOTES: To keep the growth more compact and sturdy, add a few drops of alcohol (vodka works great!) into the water. Change the water every couple of weeks to keep the plant healthy. After the plant is done blooming, keep bulb in a cool dry place, and re-use next year!

Vase Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 11.3"