Moroccan Scents Soap Bar


ULILI revisits the traditional "Beldi soap" by opting for a natural and generous formula based on olive oil (over 50%), beeswax and prickly pear seeds.

The scents of ULILI soaps are inspired by ULILI's floral classics: Oum Rabie, Musk E’lil, Louisa and M’goun.

Offer all the benefits of a hammam to your skin while covering it with a delicate floral scent created by ULILI.

Oum Rabie is the name of a long river in Morocco. The name means Mother of Spring. This scent is inspired by a walk through the blooming orange trees at the mouth of the Oum Rabie river.

The Oum Rabie "Beldi" soap bar is infused with an aromatic blend of Orange Blossom, Cardamom and Bay Leaf extracts. The concordance of citrus, aromatic notes and fresh spices is inspired by the light of the first rays of spring sunshine.


Musk e’lil in English means night musk, it is the arabic name of night jasmine, also called queen of the night. The musk e’lil is a shrub whose seductive flowers perfume the gardens of Morocco during summer evenings.

This fragrance is the sweet and sensual. The musk e'lili “beldi” soap bar is subtly infused with a fragrance blend of sandalwood, vanilla and ylang ylang oils leaving the skin feeling luxuriously smooth and creamy.  


Louisa means verbena in Moroccan Arabic and in Spanish. ULILI’s perfumer worked on the idea of a gourmand verbena that evokes childhood. Sweet, gourmand and acidulous, Louisa is in some way the “Proust’s Madeleine” of ULILI.

The Louisa “Beldi” soap bar is infused with Verbena and Bitter Almond notes. The citrus bouquet of Green Mandarin and Lemon provides freshness. 


M’goun is the name of the second highest mountain of Morocco (4071 m) and  dominates the Rose Valley known as Kelaate M’gouna.  M’goun's perfume is as wild and mysterious as the Roses that reign across the landscape of Kelaate M’gouna.

The M'goun "Beldi" soap bar is enriched with the essential oils of “Kelaat Mgouna”: Rose, Geranium and Wild Blackberries and enhances the skin and the senses with a sweet and fruity fragrance.  


The perfumes are formulated with natural molecules and only the highest quality essential oils and ingredients are used.

100% recycled paper packaging.

Made in Morocco