Design Commune


Design Commune reveals the evolution of an acclaimed design studio rooted firmly in the California aesthetic, ethos, and lifestyle.

Truly multidisciplinary in practice, Commune has, since its inception in 2004, tackled all areas of design. The work featured in this book highlights all disciplines that Commune engages in.

“Everybody has a voice, and just by recognizing that, the product is so much better in the end,” says Roman Alonso about the work at Commune. He leads the team along with Steven Johanknecht. There is one caveat about their work, he says. “Check the ego and the lawyer at the door, because otherwise you will not get a good product.” With the ethos that focuses on artistry, their group has been successful, and their work is undeniably beautiful.

Its projects share many common threads, such as the influence of handcrafted materials, but each remains deeply personal and unique. Though in Los Angeles, the designers at Commune come from around the country, and around the world, and bring an artist’s perspective to their business and their style. They provide a collaboration that is truly at the crossroads between commerce and art.

Oversized, and overfilled with full-color photographs showcasing color and ideas, this is a book that will inspire designers with its variety, its color, and its practical artistry.