Alhambra Star Patterned Wrapping Paper Sheet


Alhambra is an original Cambridge Imprint design, first published in autumn 2020. It’s a simple pattern of repeating star tiles which takes on a completely different character depending on the relative weights of the two colours it is printed in. In the Pale Pink and Red colour way the geometric pattern reminiscent of Moorish tiles is evident. In the Dark Green and Pink colour way the affinity seems more Scottish! 

Cambridge Imprint paper is printed in England on FSC paper of archiving quality, using vegetable oil-based inks that are kind to the environment. Each sheet is printed in one or two hand-mixed inks on uncoated 90 gsm stock to create a high-quality matte paper with a hand-printed feel to it.

Single sheet of paper for wrapping, each sheet measures 50 cm x 70 cm.

Available in two colorways: Red & Green, Red & Pink. 

Paper: 90gsm smooth ivory uncoated stock printed in hand-mixed colours

FSC® certified

Designed, printed, cut and packaged in England.

100% biodegradable and recyclable.