Framed Original Crate Label - Kernel Korn, California Corn

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This vintage lithograph is a colorful relic of America's agricultural past. With the advent of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1880s, the great printing houses of the West Coast saw an opportunity to provide paper and ink symbols for fruit & vegetables that were shipped around the country. The labels were produced by the grower or cooperative to identify and advertise their product. Once a functional necessity, these labels capture images of our romantic frontier past in vivid detail. 

In the 1950's when corrugated cardboard made the pine crate nearly obsolete, most labels were discarded or lay unused in packing sheds and printer's archives. Adventurous collectors salvaged the unused labels which have become a sought after collectable considered a lost art form. 

Original Vintage Crate Label, Colored Mat & Lacquered Wood Frame 

Dimensions: 16" x 7"