Framed Yves Brayer Lithograph from "Lumiere du Mexique," 1966 - Fishing Boats


Original 1966 lithograph from a rare copy of "Lumiere du Mexique," a book of paintings and text by French artist Yves Brayer (1907-1990).  The book of lithographs is a stunning and vibrant portrayal of daily life in Mexico including scenes of village life, cowboys, boating, and serene coastal beaches. This piece is a page from the book, of which only 150 copies were printed on very fine Arches woven paper.  Framed in House of Cardoon's signature bright colors, this special collection of Yves Brayer lithographs celebrates the spirit of travel, exploration, and the beauty found in everyday life.

Frame: Orange Leather Frame

Overall Dimensions: 23.25" W x 16" H

Yves Brayer

(1907-1990) French

Yves Brayer was a celebrated French painter known for his expressive landscapes and figurative art. His bold brushwork and evocative style captured the essence of his subjects, ranging from bustling cityscapes to intimate portraits. Inspired by his travels, Brayer's works reflect the beauty and authenticity of various cultures. His art gained international recognition, and his legacy endures through his captivating and skillful compositions.