Bridie Hall Brush Pot - C


ABC, yeah you know me!

Organization just became beautiful and we’ve got the brush pots to prove it. Make up your initials, spell out your name, a favorite word, a happy thought, get creative, make up the whole alphabet – the possibilities are endless!

Smooth crystal tumblers inlaid with a gold vinyl letter or symbol, backed with one of six different colored lacquers and a topcoat of glossy varnish. Please note the pots are for decorative use only and are not suitable for food or drink consumption. Whilst durable, the lacquers are water-soluble so if they were ever to be used to hold flowers (which is a fabulous idea) the best thing is to put a small jar of water inside.

Handmade in London, designed by Bridie Hall

Each pot is 100% unique so colors may vary and slight imperfections may occur such as bubbles in the letter application. 

Dimensions: Height 5", Diameter 3"