Evolve or Evaporate Cards


Alissa Bell x House of Cardoon exclusive collaboration!

This challenging year pushed lives and businesses into unfamiliar territory that required us to be nimble and adapt quickly in order to survive. While this was overwhelming at times, we forged a bond in our efforts to navigate the ever changing landscape - repeating a simple mantra, “evolve or evaporate,” when working through a new challenge. We first heard this phrase together during a virtual course in March called “A Master Class in Crisis.” Amidst all of the technical and dense work to tackle was this lighthearted quote from rapper Usher, “you gotta evolve or evaporate.” It was so simple but so on point to our reality as small business owners. Using this phrase brought the levity we needed to the myriad of stressful points of this year. We knew we had to memorialize it in some way and thus our stationery collaboration was born!

Alissa Bell Signature Envelopes in holographic Pacific Pearl, and A6 Notecards printed with “Evolve or Evaporate - Usher”
Set of 6 or Single Notecard