Framed Marc Chagall "Paris" Exhibition Poster, Galerie Maeght


Poster designed by Marc Chagall advertising an exhibition of his work at Galerie Maeght in Paris from 1953-1954.

Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was a renowned Russian-French artist known for his unique blend of surrealism, Cubism, and Fauvism in his paintings. His works often depicted dreamlike scenes filled with vibrant colors, floating figures, and recurring motifs such as animals, lovers, and religious symbols. Chagall's art reflected his Jewish heritage, Russian folk culture, and experiences of love, loss, and displacement, making him one of the most celebrated and influential artists of the 20th century.

Galerie Maeght is a gallery of modern art in Paris, France, and Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The gallery was founded in 1936 in Cannes. The Paris gallery was started in 1946 by Aimé Maeght. The artists exhibited are mainly from France and Spain.

Frame: Custom framed in lacquered blue wood angled frame with white trim detail.

Inscription: "Galerie Maeght; Paris; Chagall"

Sourced in Paris, France

Overall Dimensions: 20.75" x 28.5"